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    Program Plan and Rotations

    The Nutrition and Dietetic Internship at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy has a focus on Public Health Nutrition. This focus area emphasizes population health, wellbeing of communities, and prevention of disease.

    Program rotations are planned to support development of expertise in this area, in addition to attaining entry level competency as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Program rotations are as follows:

    Clinical / MNT – 10 weeks (370 clock hours) – local facilities

    Foodservice – 4 weeks (200 clock hours) – Institutional feeding programs (schools, Headstart, etc.)

    Food & Nutrition Policy – 2 weeks (80 hours) – CUNY Food Policy Institute

    Public Health Research – 4 weeks (160 clock hours) – CUNY SPH faculty and others

    Community / Public Health Elective – 10 weeks (370 clock hours) – various affiliated sites

    Internship Orientation is usually scheduled for the week following Labor Day.

    Vacation and Holidays at the CUNY SPH are according to the CUNY Academic Calendar.

    Interns’ supervised practice hours are set in collaboration with the preceptor(s) at each site.

    Technology Requirements

    Students will access the Blackboard learning management system for all instructional materials. Students will be issued a username and password by the Blackboard administrator. Unless stated otherwise, students are to upload assignments, review announcements, and communicate regularly via the Blackboard system.

    Students are also required to have the following items and complete the following tasks:

    • Use or create an email account that will be available during the entire term of the Dietetic Internship
    • High speed internet connectivity
    • Computer or laptop with at least 128MB RAM – regularly updated with antivirus and anti-malware programs
    • Microsoft Office installed on the computer or laptop
    • Access to a scanner