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    Program Costs and Estimated Expenses

    Program Costs


    On-Site (traditional) Track


    Graduate Tuition Costs as of 2016 (6 credits per Semester)

    Tuition Student Activity Fee Technology Fee Consolidated Service Fee Internship Fee Total
    NYS Resident  













    Out-of State Resident  














    SOPHAS Application Fee = $125 (after acceptance to the DI)

    Internship Program Application Fee = $100

    About Internship Program application fees:

    Send check or money order payable to: CUNY School of Public Health

    (Presently there is not a way to pay this on-line.)

    Mail to:

    Dr. Ann Gaba

    Nutrition and Dietetic Internship Director

    CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy

    55 West 125th Street

    New York, NY 10027

    Students are enrolled in the Dietetic Internship Program only (without additional MPH courses) and are registered for 6 credits per semester. Although the student is considered full-time by the Dietetic Internship Program, the student is considered part-time by the registrar for calculation of tuition.

    Dietetic Interns who require proof that they are enrolled in a full-time program can request a letter of full-time status from the Dietetic Internship Director.

    Students must pay tuition and fees in full at the time of registration. Without full payment students will not be considered registered and will not be admitted to class.


    Meals are the responsibility of interns. However, some meals may be provided by rotation sites.


    Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from assigned sites. Whenever possible, practice sites have been selected which are easily accessible by public transportation and are located in generally safe neighborhoods.



    Estimated costs for NYC


    Housing – Cost are highly variable, if sharing a rental apartment with at least one room-mate ~ $14,400 /yr + Utilities. Most landlords also expect 1st and last month’s rent up front.


    Books – In addition to basic reference books that may have been purchased during undergraduate study, $50 – 100.


    Transportation – NYC Metrocard minimum of $40 per week


    Food – Depends on what you usually eat; average is about $2,000 – 2,500/yr.


    Insurance – Health Insurance average cost $1,400/yr AND Liability Insurance $34/yr


    Incidentals – (Entertainment, apparel, other) – Average $2,700/yr



    On-Line Internship (Non-Credit)

    Application Fee Program Fee Internship Fee Total









    Follow Directions for Application on the On-Line Internship page.

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