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    Program Planning for On-Line Interns

    On-line (Distance) Interns are required to locate their own preceptors, and to be sure that the prospective preceptors are qualified, ready and willing to precept at this time.

    Preceptor Qualifications for Distance Interns

    How to identify prospective preceptors and rotation sites

    To assist you in creating your program to parallel our on-site program, a sample rotation schedule is posted below.

    Sample Rotation Schedule

    All supervised practice sites are required to execute an affiliation agreement (contract) with the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy before an intern starts a rotation there. Note that these are not initiated until after an individual has been accepted into the Internship.

    CUNY Affiliation Contracts 

    Vacation and Holidays at the CUNY GSPHHP are according to the CUNY Academic Calendar. However, interns’ supervised practice hours are set in collaboration with the preceptor(s) at each site. Scheduled work hours set with a preceptor take precedence over the CUNY calendar.

    Technology Requirements

    Students will access the Blackboard learning management system for all instructional materials. Students will be issued a username and password by the Blackboard administrator. Unless stated otherwise, students are to upload assignments, review announcements, and communicate regularly via the Blackboard system.

    Students are also required to have the following items and complete the following tasks:

    • Use or create an email account that indicates the first and last name of the student
    • High speed internet connectivity
    • Computer or laptop with at least 128MB RAM – regularly updated with antivirus and anti-malware programs
    • Microsoft Office and Skype installed on the computer or laptop
    • A multimedia headset (microphone may be built-in to computer/laptop or on headset)
    • Access to a scanner


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